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Our Expertise

We are an end-to-end custom content and research company – from A to Z – we do it all.

Content Strategy from IHuS Research

Content Strategy

Boost branding, marketing and audience interaction with custom strategies

Content Management Solutions from IHuS Research

Content Management

Maximise growth with seamless content management and delivery

Content Writing Services from IHuS Research

Content Solutions

Web, SEO, technical, financial and corporate content writing services

Custom SEO Services from IHuS Research

SEO Services

Custom search engine optimisation for desktop and mobile platforms

eLearning Solutions IHuS Research

Multimedia Solutions

Engaging e-learning & explainer videos, infographics and presentations

Business and Financial Research from IHUS Research

Research Services

Business and financial research services for banks, FIs and corporates

About Us

We provide content solutions and research services.

Our engagement starts with understanding where you are right now and where you should be, and then formulating strategies and executing plans to get you there.

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Our Capabilities

♦  Blogs - Articles - Web Content Writing and Editing

♦  Search Engine Optimisation for Web 2.0 and Beyond

♦  Social Media Marketing and PPC Marketing

♦  eLearning Modules and Explainer Videos 

♦  Business and Financial Research, and Consultancy



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Selected Solutions

Goal-oriented solutions for the hyper-wired world – backed by guaranteed results.

Web Content 

Our quality web content writing services cover areas from website, SEO and social media content to product blogs, and financial and corporate content writing. We create quality products–an aspect that helps you appear at the top of web search results and grow a very strong business. Our forte lies in giving you what you need at a price that suits you. Continue reading.

Technical Content

Our technical content writing services provide a comprehensive, logical and yet lucid information flow for readers to understand even the most difficult subjects with ease. Whether it is a product factsheet for the retail market or a series of procedural documents for internal operations, our technical deliverables are easy-to-understand and remember. Know more.

Web & Mobile SEO 

We focus on custom SEO initiatives that help optimise your online presence and brand recall. We work with small and medium-sized businesses as well as large corporations and provide each a focused and customised approach rather than generic cookie-cutter plans found in the market. Our custom search engine optimisation services guarantee results within 3-4 months. Read more.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

We offer pay-per-click marketing solutions that help your business target customers based on search query, keyword usage, or web history. In addition, we build authentic ads that invite clicks besides managing ad campaigns end-to-end. Our campaigns cover, among others, local area searches, regional searches as well as searches from international locations. Know more.

eLearning Solutions

Taking learning to the next level with seamless delivery and management of e-learning solutions. We offer intuitive, easy-to-read and retain elearning products that reduce your cost footprint and increase your operational capabilities. From educational modules for schools, colleges and competitive exams to on-the-job or professional training, we can handle all. Read more.

Explainer Videos 

Leverage the power of videos to build brand awareness and fuel growth. Our explainer videos allow you to express your information in a visually engaging manner. We focus on creating media that leaves a good impression. Whether it is a sub-1 minute clip that showcases your app or a longer file that shares your thoughts to a larger audience, we offer solutions that will fit. More.

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