About Us

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IHuS Research is a content strategy and research company. We build insightful strategic plans to make your business more visible on the web and traditional media, in addition to creating custom content that helps you reach the target audience.

Our content writing and editing services, rich video and audio content, and SEO and social media marketing services help you make the leap to the major league. We also offer business research solutions for sectors such banking and finance, insurance, corporate, legal, technology, and consultancy.

What We Do

Simply put, we help you take care of all your content needs–for your end consumers, your partners and your employees. We help you strategise on what to say to whom, and when and how.

Let us elucidate a bit to show you what we do.

You have probably noticed the diversity of people you connect with every day. Each of them, from your employee to your customer, comes from a different background and has different expectations from you. Do you think telling each of them the same story about you and your business will give you the results you want? Probably not, right?

Now you also know that you cannot have a specific way to connect with each person though it is the stepping stone to business greatness. It is impossible for one person to talk with each individual they meet due to the sheer number of people and ideas you interact with daily. But you need to do this somehow and herein lies the paradoxical problem.

On top of all this (i.e. the need to connect and have a specific way to connect), there is a glut of information these days. Everyone’s life is filled with ceaseless information from print, TV, radio and social media, the internet, emails and mobile chat services, to mention just a few. This means what you say will compete with these loud vocal media and still win over them all.

This is where we come in. We help solve the conundrum that you face–how to tell your story to each person you meet in a way that connects with them and still give you the edge over the communication overflow you see every day.

IHuS Research Works for You

We help you build and execute a unified content strategy across different categories of stakeholders. We help you plan the ways to implement each content strategy for each end-segment. This means you need us if you are losing employees so we can tell them how great it is to work with you. You need us if you do not know why the millions you have spent on advertising and social media marketing are not giving you results.

In addition to helping you with your content strategy, we also help you reach the end-audience with the right content. Whether it is a website, a social media site, a blog, an infographic, a product video, or a research report, we work with you to get the content ready and get the message across loud and clear. These solutions can be provided as part of a larger strategic plan or each on its own, thereby maximising your returns.

Our solutions help you focus on your core activities. For instance, if you are the business head of a financial major, we help you to focus on growing your unit’s revenues rather than figuring out how to teach your customers about the importance of retirement planning. That job, you can leave to us.

What We Offer

In addition to Content Strategy solutions, we offer specific Content, Multimedia, Digital Marketing {Social Media (SMM) & Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)} and Research Services.

Our quality Content Services include web content, SEO content, SMM content, blogs, articles, press releases, infographics, presentations, company profiles, newsletters, and more.    Financial Research Company Delhi, Content Writing Company Delhi

We offer rich Multimedia Video and Audio files that tell a story or get a complex point across in a short span of time. We provide audio voiceovers and videos with and without voiceovers. The segments we cater to include finance, education, tourism and hospitality, real estate, and product marketing, among others.


Our digital marketing {social media (SMM) and search engine optimisation (SEO) services} are meant for smaller firms that need custom solutions that help them engage the audience much more effectively and come up in search results more quickly than what a cookie-cutter approach offers.


Our Research Services give our clients accurate and actionable insights. We focus on industry and company research, along with business research services. Our forte lies in data analytics, company profiles, industry research reports, market reports and more.


Moreover, we undertake in-house projects in areas that we believe need fresh perspectives.

Why Us

We offer our solutions across the entire corporate spectrum, from well-established businesses looking for new perspectives to start-ups actively focusing on growing their fledgling business.


We understand that no two businesses are alike and each has its own set of challenges, requirements and strategies. We work closely with you and offer you solutions that are specific to your needs and compatible with your goals.

Our custom solutions allow you to focus on your core business while we take care of your challenges.


You may contact us at +91-11-4143-5502 between 10 am and 5 pm every business day or send a mail to contact@ihusresrearch.com. You may also follow us through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus or Pinterest.